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Who is our benchmarking for?

Procurements Managers, Decision Makers, Marketing Managers, Head Of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Financial Officers…

Platten Print Group gives decision makers very quick access to an established, high quality network of print specialists – and at the very LOWEST prices available.

We work with Procurement Managers and a variety of business professionals to very quickly see where savings can be made – we work directly with the decision makers every step of the way to ensure a smooth, cost-effective process is achieved.

Our benchmarking programme adds true value, with access to free no-obligation quotations.

Print procurement managers simply include us in the quotation process (takes just 10 minutes to set this up).

Our aim – to give decision makers a cost-effective alternative!

Include us in your quoting process. We guarantee to get you the best price for your job. 

We’ve been in the printing and print packaging industry for over 40 years.

During this time, we’ve nurtured a large network of trusted and proven print partners that span Australia, India and China.

Together, our group has a combined 140 years of print and production experience, with many of our print partners supplying some of the biggest brands in the world.

Business choose Platten Print Group because of this expansive network; we give customers access to premium printing and production techniques, express scheduling and a high level of customer service, yet at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for a like-for-like job in Australia.

The majority of our printing takes place off shore and we have regular shipping containers bringing our customer’s print jobs to Australia each and every month.

By filling these containers with print produced for multiple clients’ jobs, you share not just the shipping container costs, but the associated import tariff. This is also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

This fully managed process gives our customers access to off shore rates without the usual costs associated with an off shore service and the savings are significant. In fact, we’ve beaten Australian printers by as much as $100,000 yet we have still improved the quality of the printing and scheduling.

Businesses, guided by us, can identify what machinery and processes to use with our benchmarking process. The potential for significant savings is enormous.

We can look at a job to know it’ll cost $20,000 in a certain state of Australia but only $4000 offshore and potentially less in another state, using our established print suppliers and shipping agents. 

Big savings can also be seen across Australian States, for instance the same job could cost $300 in Queensland but as much as $1000 in Perth!

As experts we know the industry inside out and can guarantee to save you money on your current print procurement. 

With 40 years of industry knowledge, Platten Print Group has the resources and know-how to save businesses thousands on their print and packaging jobs, year on year!

Printing is difficult, you should be benchmarking every job, but where do you start?

Include us in your quoting process. We guarantee to get you the best price for your job.

Want to start saving? LET US QUOTE. It’s that simple. We offer free, no-obligation quotes to prove our worth.


Platten Print Group Encompasses Two Well-Established Brands Combined, We Offer All-Round Industry Expertise

We’ve partnered with printing suppliers from Perth to North Queensland and every state along the way, with established partnerships overseas for highly cost-effective printing and shipping.

Our partners have a combined 100+ years of printing and packaging experience! They only use the best printing machinery, and their expertise is second to none.

Our print benchmarking program began 28 years ago during an Australian Federal Election.

The government needed one million copies of their electoral form and received 10 quotes from print suppliers. We beat the cheapest of these quotes by over $40,000 – and one quote was $100,000 over our price!

After consultation with State Australian Electoral Commissioner Andy Becker I suggested a review of the processes for getting future quotes.

Mr Becker suggested he review these quotations in consultation with Bill Eaton (the then Second in Charge) and Gerry Russell, the Commission’s Purchasing Officer.

Through us winning 99 percent of the quotes they changed the way they procured printing and we became their benchmark. We offer that same benchmarking to our clients today.

Why are costs so high?


Australians are set to pay nearly double for paper, with production at the country’s last white paper mill now suspended.


The tariffs for importing paper to Australia have more than DOUBLED in recent years.

The Australian paper mill industry has been in a steady decline, with all now either closing down or selling out to larger overseas companies because of poor margins.

“The cost of paper is the biggest issue, especially for small businesses because they have to pass it on to consumers and importing this paper when the tariffs are applied will move the cost of paper from around $4 to $7″ – CEO of Office Brands, Adam Joy

Most Australia print suppliers source stock from these off-shore companies, using shipping containers in 2022 at around $20,000 each – a cost directly passed onto you.

So for the jobs that do contain an abundance of paper it makes sense to source offshore from companies with buying power and to recognise that you are paying for it to be shipped anyway minus all the associated margins and tariffs.

Print supplier prices are through the roof – but only an expert will know why, and how to get around it.

I don’t want to dwell on the paper costs but if someone buys paper offshore for $10,000 and it lands in Australia for $20,000 then something has to give. Thanks to our vast network of suppliers across Australia and overseas, including access to cheap shipping – our clients never overpay.

By benchmarking a job we can say whether it’s going cost $200,000 or $20,000.

You need us on your side.

Platten Print Packaging

How we get such low prices for clients?

We’ve partnered with Parksons Packaging – one of the world’s biggest printing companies who continue to offer fair rates for print packaging to our customers in Australia.

Why Should You Care? 

Well, it could be great news for your company margins…

Since we started in the industry we’ve see huge changes. Bottom line – print packaging is going high-tech. You’re either at the forefront or you’re ‘yesterday’s news!’

What’s In It For You?

  1. Extensive design options to stand out from the competition in stores, and at a fraction of what they paid!
  2. Super-quick turnaround times
  3. Superior design and print quality, for less…

Parksons Packaging set the standard in the print packaging industry, supplying huge brands like McDonald’s and Kellogg’s. They pride themselves on quality, integrity and innovation, and we love the way they treat their employees, all 660 of them!

We get a lot of inspiration from our own people with their smiles & enthusiasm & energy & inspiration from all of our customers who put tremendous faith in us from day one” – Ramesh Kejriwal, Chairman, Parksons Packaging Limited

Access to the world’s best suppliers, with the great customer service of a local company. Save thousands using our off shore network of print and packaging suppliers.

“It’s become way too expensive to print large valued packaging, books and bins because of inflated material and paper costs associated with these products…”

Printed bins are just one example where we can save money. Bins are significantly cheaper to buy offshore but businesses simply don’t know where to look to access this price and quality. We’ve spent decades dealing with offshore contractors, but we wouldn’t recommend you do it without our help.

Leave it to us. We have people on the ground that help us achieve the prices and quality that we expect.

Interested in producing a benchmark catalogue and how to go about it?

See how your print job pricing, quality and scheduling ranks, using our free benchmarking service.

There are just too many elements to consider – so many different processes, machines for different jobs and not forgetting all the baffling terminology!

Only an expert with their nose to the ground will be aware of everything.

So how do you go about creating a catalogue? By letting us help.

Businesses who catalogue their print jobs have a better understanding plus have security and belief in what they have catalogued.

Cataloguing could save you many thousands of dollars.

Print Reviews

You need to know so much to successfully navigate the print and packaging industry to not be misinformed!

We use gang printing which involves printing multiple jobs from different clients all on the same sheet and filling it instead of wasting it. This process saves everyone around 35% per annum – sometimes it will be 50%.

Print reviews must be carried out by a professional with years of experience and industry knowledge.

  • Know how many DL’s fit an A1 sheet?
  • How to set the benchmark for 20,000 postcards?
  • The specific pros and cons of digital and offset?
  • How about 250,000 pharmaceutical boxes, 2000 printed bins for shopping centres?

A company cannot review their own printing because they don’t have a print background or the expertise to do it.

Don't think you need a print review? Think again!

We find that so many companies just get it wrong, but they just don’t know it.

We’ve seen lanyards being bought for $10,000 when they could have purchased for $4000 through out suppliers!

The crux of the problem? Company owners employ staff to spend graphic design/print budgets but overtime employees become complacent about their responsibility and don’t know or care about long-term print supplier prices being competitive. Staff have very little interest in company margins. They also feel their standing in the company will be jeopardised should an expert plan their design and print project. The result? Employees will always take the safe option and use current suppliers, regardless of price. We see this time and time again.

You need to know so much to successfully navigate the print and packaging industry to not be misinformed!

There are just too many elements to consider – so many different processes, machines for different jobs and not forgetting all the baffling terminology!

Only an expert with their nose to the ground will be aware of everything.


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